Mediaș on two wheels aims to create and develop a culture of bicycle use and its integration into the everyday life of Mediaș, that is why we want to be able to ride safely on bicycle paths, because they reduce the chances of road accidents involving cyclists.

We believe that cities can become friendly to their citizens only by intelligently responding to pressing urban challenges: waste of public space, pollution, suffocating traffic, poor traffic safety (the main reason why #MediaWantsCycleTracks), public health risks.

We can say that we are guided by the motto: "One cyclist on the street - one less car in traffic" More people on bicycles means a more active and healthy community that can enjoy a cleaner, less crowded and more a bit noisy.

How can you support us? Telling others about us, including colleagues, neighbors, employers, friends, life partners, whether they are cyclists or not. We will make sure it becomes.